What is Credibility?

 What is Credibility? Essay


Thursday, November 7th

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What is Credibility?

With the development and advancement of technology, the access to any kind of information has grown for individuals all over the world. However , with the many different varieties of obtaining knowledge, which ones are believed credible and which ones happen to be deemed difficult to rely on? With the concern of the achievements gap, a gap representing the academic differences of various social classes, gender and racial/ethnicity through comparing the results of standardized testing's, GPA, college acceptances etc . Since the achievements gap is known as a highly questionable topic which has been debated for several years, credible details is essential to back up a certain point of view so it can be accepted in society. However , critical knowledge and info can are present within strange sources just like Facebook, Vimeo, blogs and so forth

Unreliable sources are generally described as details and details given without sufficient proof. Opinionated content articles are great types of such sources as most in the information is founded on the author's views by itself Ted Kolderie, an opinion writer for the StarTribune situated in Minnesota, provided his perspective on the issue of achievement difference in his city (Kolderie). He uses multiple analogies in his commentary to permit readers to look at it via yet another point of view, which can increase the reader's knowledge of the issue. For instance , Ted examines the example of a trail meet and exactly how " Magdalyn Ewen may not run the 100-meter splash, but the girl with no . one particular in the nation in taken put and discus; She's achieving. ” (Kolderie) Through this example, he is able to make reference to the problem of narrowing the idea of achievement to learning, rather than acknowledging the " multiple dimensions of achievement” (Kolderie…). The article can be described as logos motivated argument together with the support of numerous analogies and examples. Even though this is a well-written document with a great point how we should limit...

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