Theory of Knowledge

Theory of Knowledge 25.08.2019
 Theory of Knowledge Essay


" When the just tool you have is a sludge hammer, all concerns begin to look like nails” (Abraham Maslow). How might this connect with ways of learning, as equipment, in the quest for knowledge?

The majority are driven by simply interest as well as the curiosity to be aware of the not known; this in turn is definitely the pursuit of understanding. Any person can achieve curiosity yet achieving a mind to be able to accept the information one desires to know is also part of this. Depending on whether or not a person has a mind to what they are encountered with can impact whether or not they could become capable of learning new information and developing that new information into understanding and fresh perspectives. When one benefits a new perspective it can become simpler to solve problems " that begin to resemble nails” because knowledge is a tool in and of on its own when used using the methods of knowing. In the beginning, a question that came to mind was: does understanding more immediately free one from prejudiced and close minded thoughts? One can conveniently use what they know with their advantage and use it to avoid situations. But what if someone is not subjected to various conditions, diverse persons, and fresh information? After that it might be difficult for that person to handle the same situation that an individual with more know-how and understanding could deal with. This might explain why a large number of desire to get more info and expand on the actual know now; this can be done to become well prepared in a sense. These were the initial understandings of Abraham Maslow's quote before beginning to really analyze and grow on the idea of being able to possibly use expertise to kinds benefit or letting yourself become limited by knowledge. All of the ways of understanding not only influence how persons obtain know-how but likewise influence the developing thoughts of the same data seen just before. Once the methods of knowing are thought, one can right now see various problems. Realizing the problems by different standpoints can also develop once ways of knowing are viewed as....

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