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Penny Lab 08.08.2019
 Penny Laboratory Essay

Percent Formula of a Penny

Background Information: Post-1983 pennies possess a copper jacket and a zinc core. We hope to determine the percent composition of these two alloys. This will be performed by responding the zinc with hydrochloric acid to form zinc ions in a single substitute reaction. The amount of acid reacts with all the zinc but is not copper. The response of zinc metal with the hydrochloric acid solution (HCl) generates zinc chloride and hydrogen gas. Safety: Wear the safety goggles and kitchen apron If you spill Hydrochloric acidity on your self, rinse with water Process: DAY We 1 . Take a post-1983 cent and, using a triangular record, etch a great " X” on one side of the penny. Also etching a step on the edge of the penny in the several positions shown in the diagram. 2 . Mass and record the mass of the penny. 3. By using a graduated canister, measure 60. 0 mL of 3. 0 M HCl and dump it with your 100mL beaker. 4. You can put penny inside the HCl option etch aspect up and record observations for approximately for five minutes. five. Place the beaker in your laboratory drawer. six. Answer problem #1 intended for tomorrow. Read and prepare a data stand for Day II. TIME II 1 ) Using your forceps, carefully remove the fragile copper jacket that may be left in the penny. Wash it carefully in unadulterated water. 2 . Dry the penny in acetone solution. Swirl the penny inside the solution. a few. Pour the acid solution from your beaker in the waste box at the center desk. Rinse and dry your beaker. four. Take a magic marker and write the lab cabinet number on the side of your 40 mL beaker. 5. You can put penny inside the beaker and put the beaker on the ideal shelf in the drying the oven. DAY III 1 . Mass and record the mass of the dried copper clothing. 2 . Complete the queries and measurements for tomorrow.

Questions Solution in finish sentences DEMONSTRATE ALL MATH FOR CREDIT RATING! INCLUDE UNITS & SIG FIGS IN MOST ANSWERS! 1 ) Write the well-balanced equation to get the reaction. Consist of (states). 2 . Calculate the mass of zinc seen in the dime. 3. Calculate the mass of copper in the any amount of money. 4....

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