Inderstanding Consumer Actions Towards High-class Products

 Inderstanding Customer Behaviour To Luxury Goods Essay

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Understanding Consumer Actions towards Luxury Products


Jitesh Sanghvi MMS – 137, Promoting Year 2009-10

K L Somaiya Commence of Supervision Studies & Research

Understanding Consumer Behavior towards High-class Products

Understanding Consumer Conduct Towards High-class Products

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Jitesh A Sanghvi

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Mar. Nilesh Talreja Elderly Executive Program Communication

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T J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Exploration

May-June, 2009

Jitesh Sanghvi - MMS -137, Advertising

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Understanding Client Behaviour to Luxury Items


Jitesh Sanghvi -- MMS -137, Marketing

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Understanding Consumer Actions towards High-class Products

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Jitesh Sanghvi -- MMS -137, Marketing

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Understanding Consumer Actions towards High-class Products


Studying consumer behavior enables advertising researchers to predict how consumers is going to react to marketing messages and understand why earning the buy decision they actually. Marketers realized that if they know more about the consumer decision making criteria, they can style marketing strategies and promotional messages that will impact consumers more effectively. The importance of consumer behaviour made internet marketers to think of a unique branch in marketing study - Buyer research, to deal entirely for client related concerns. The current focus of this statement is in study of underlying requires and purposes in currently taking purchase decisions, consumer learning process and attitude creation process. The analysis has been initiated for Team Mahindra Vacations. The purpose of this kind of study is always to analyze customer perceptions of luxury products and the factors that influence his purchase decisions. The aim is to appreciate consumer behavior towards extravagance products and things followed whilst purchasing that.

To achieve the above objectives, we first look at how luxury items are different from frequent goods and after that go on to explore some aspects and trends of the luxurious goods along with their market and customers. We will understand the meaning of luxury goods through extra research. Post secondary exploration we will establish few hypotheses which will give to us the way for our next step ie Qualitative Analysis. We will use interview method in qualitative research which will give an insight into the mindset of the consumers and their obtain steps involved and then followed by quantitative study (survey method). Through this kind of we can quantify each of our findings to get the Indian luxury customer and their shopping for behaviour. We will assess the elements that affect the consumers in buying the luxurious products.

Jitesh Sanghvi -- MMS -137, Marketing

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Understanding Consumer Behavior towards Extravagance Products

Analysis Abstract

Range: This project is a part of a job given to the organizing department. This project is definitely an initiative taken to understand the behaviour of consumers towards high-class products. Getting a luxury product involves large amount of planning and research just before taking virtually any decision. You will discover number of factors that impact an individual‟s decision making procedure as well...

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Jitesh Sanghvi -- MMS -137, Marketing

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Consumers’ Behaviour toward Marketing Activities Essay