Implementation of New Strategies to Cure the Incidence of Unit Acquired Pressure Ulcers in Cardiac Units of Middle East Hospital Seeking Magnet Certification

 Essay about Implementation of New Strategies to Cure the Incidence of Unit Bought Pressure Ulcers in Heart Units of Middle Asian...

Implementation of New Strategies to Decrease the Incidence of Unit Acquired Pressure Ulcers in Heart failure Units of Middle Eastern Hospital In search of Magnet Certification

Pressure ulcers (PUs) continue to represent huge burden on patients and health care professionals. The heart nursing (CVN) division of California king Faisal professional hospital and research centre (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) have been participating in the NDNQI Pressure ulcer frequency survey as January 2011. The average rate of CVN unit acquired PUs during 2011 was 2 . 36%. During the second half of 2011; the CVN team provides identified this issue and developed a comprehensive intend to reduce the incidence of device acquired pressures within the department. The plan features included: boost staff consciousness, effective usage of resources, having 18 fresh beds with built-in air mattresses, establishment of patient safety committee, and running each week quality models in all CVN units by management and quality members. The unit bought PUs within the last two NDNQI PU prevalence surveys (quarter one and two 2012- Preliminary resultshave decreased to zero (0%). Conclusion: great strategic organizing including effective team aspect has helped in attaining zero device acquired PUs in all CVN units for the last two sectors.

To describe and evaluate several strategies have been utilized by the cardiovascular group to decrease the incidence and prevalence of unit attained pressure ulcers

Conclusion: good ideal planning which includes effective crew dynamics features helped in achieving zero unit bought PUs in every CVN devices for the last two quarters. Constant monitoring of UAPU utilizing the NDNQI through the contribution in the pressure ulcer prevalence survey will be closely monitored and assessed as relevant.

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