High and Low Context Traditions

 High and Low Framework Culture Article





In a high framework culture, a lot of things are still left unsaid, permitting the lifestyle explain. Words and expression choice become very important in higher context communication, since a few terms can communicate a complex meaning very properly to an in-group (but much less effectively outdoors that group), while in a lower framework culture, the communicator has to be much more precise and the benefit of a sole word is less important.


• Relationships rely upon trust, build up slowly, happen to be stable. A single distinguishes between people inside and people outdoors one's ring. • How things have completed depends on interactions with people and attention to group process. • One's identification is rooted in groups (family, culture, work). • Interpersonal structure and authority will be centralized; responsibility is at the top. Person in top performs for the excellent of the group. Affiliation

• Relationships begin and end quickly. Many people can be inside one's ring; circle's border is not clear. • Issues get done by using procedures and paying attention to the goal. • One's personality is grounded in yourself and your accomplishments. • Social composition is decentralized; responsibility will go further down (is not really concentrated on the top). Discussion

• High usage of nonverbal factors;  voice strengthen, facial phrase, gestures, and eye movements carry significant parts of dialogue.         � • Verbal message is acted; context (situation, persons, non-verbal elements) is more crucial than words.                � • Verbal meaning is roundabout; one talks  around the point and embellishes it.                  � • Communication is viewed as an art form—a way of joining someone.                             � • Difference is customized. One is sensitive to discord expressed in  another's nonverbal...

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