Guadalupe Hidalgo

Guadalupe Hidalgo 03.09.2019
 Guadalupe Hidalgo Research Conventional paper

January 15, 1848

Distinguished Put on Luis Gonzaga Cuevas, Wear Bernardo Couto, and Wear Miguel Atistain,

I are an extremely proud Mexican citizen living in a brand new Mexican area. I have been presented land by the King of Spain and still have recently received the details of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. The treaty portrays insincerity and gives us with an unjustifiable position. The result of the treaty would set us in an even worse scenario than were in right now. My factors should be known because I actually am very knowledgeable about the treaty, my loved ones has been surviving in the place of New South america for many decades, I are a strong follower of The almighty, and I know very well what is best for Mexico. We, because the country of Mexico, cannot sign the Treaty of Guadalupe Caballeroso as we will forfeit much of the land for any small price, we will not be given U. H. citizenship immediately, and the land funds will not be honored which will result in an odieux future to get the country of Mexico.

Mexico would be stopping an tremendous amount of land simply by signing the treaty. The treaty claims, " The boundary range between the two republics shall…” The United States is telling all of us what property to give up, rather than giving all of us a choice. Even though the U. S. is willing to pay us $15 million for some of our area and pay intended for war-related damages, this amount of cash is certainly not large enough. The treaty suggests we give up our land between the west coast of California for the Rio Grande. There could come to be gold from this land really worth more than that cost. The U. S. can be basically thieving this area. The United States have previously taken a great deal of land via France through the Louisiana Obtain and they are willing to do it again. The U. H. is becoming extremely good at taking land via less designed countries.

Although the U. S i9000. says we will become U. S. people as soon as possible, this isn't the case. " The Mexicans…shall be integrated into the Union of the United States, and admitted as soon as possible” is actually a...

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