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1 . 1 INTRO

The business of foreign exchange gets increasingly intricate and intensely competitive. However , in the backdrop of remarkable growth of Bangladesh's external sector, foreign exchange business provides a problem as well as a fantastic opportunity to speed up the growth of bank's personal business This research conventional paper is done around the foreign exchange section of Perfect Bank ltd. It tries to capture practically the entire range of activities commonly performed inside the foreign exchange division of the traditional bank and do some statistical analysis to determine the current position of the foreign exchange organization of this financial institution. Prime lender limited is actually a leading lender in case of forex business. The lender provides various types of companies for facilitating export and import and foreign remittance. It provides the LC features for making the import and export much easier. It normally provides irrevocable letter of credit and under this it provides notification of credit (sight), notice of credit rating (deferred), and back to back L/C etc . In addition, it provides Repayment against Document (PAD) and Loan against Imported Items (LIM) establishments. Prime Bank Ltd makes the remittance transfer easier to the immigrants. It offers remittance providers to Bangladeshi nationals in Singapore and UK by its two subsidiary companies ie. Perfect Exchange Organization PTE Limited and Prime Exchange (UK) Ltd PBL has established reporter banking romantic relationship around the world to get routing worldwide transactions through correspondent banking institutions. PBL has a well structured treasury office to manage the foreign exchange hazards and that complies with the rules of Bangladesh Traditional bank in case of foreign exchange business. In the analysis area of the report I possess analyzed the skills and weak spot and options and danger of the foreign currency department simply by SWOT evaluation, then do trend research on a lot of related parameters of foreign currency and finally the actual regression analysis for creating relationship while using reserve of foreign currency by using two different independent variables.


1 ) 2 . 1 Broad goal

The main goal or aim of the record is to build practical knowledge and experience about the banking actions performed by the different officials into the Forex trading Department. The report is definitely prepared with all the purpose of having an overview of Foreign Exchange Organization through LC operation for Prime Financial institution Ltd. 1 . 2 . two Specific Target

* To understand the mechanism of Foreign currency operations of Prime Traditional bank Ltd. 2. To analyze the interior strengths and strategies for effectively operating the foreign exchange organization and internal weaknesses in case of operating. 2. To do fashionable analysis of some important variables in relation to foreign exchange business. * To recommend actions that may be important to redesign the other trade treatment of Perfect Bank Ltd. 1 . three or more METHODOLOGY OF THE STUDY

The information for this survey has been ready from practical work experience at the branch. The information has been gathered from the most credible sources. I have categorized it in two parts. The first one is usually Primary Supply and the additional is Second Source. Quantitative and Qualitative judgments are applied in this report which includes made the research more significant and look great 1 . 3. 1 Way to obtain Data

Info collection is very important is setting up a report. Help to make the survey more and significant I have used two types of options. These are – 1 . a few. 1 . 1 Primary Source:

A critical source of information was collected through discussions while using officers of Md Reza Hossain(SAVP), Maryland Mahfuzur Rahman(SEO), especially in logistic and Support Services Section and Foreign currency Dept. especially Mr. CREDIT Zakaria, (Assistant Vice President), Mr. Moshiur Rahman Khan (First Associate Vice President), Mr. Abdullah Al...

Bibliography: * Bangladesh Bank (1997), Guideline intended for Foreign Exchange Transactions, Vol-1.

2. Ali, Syed Ashraf (1995), Foreign Exchange and Finance of Foreign Transact, First Release, Lita Scholars, Dhaka.

* Madura, Jeff International Financial Management 9th Edition

5. Annual Survey of PBL 2010, 2009, 2008, 2009, 2006

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