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The ability to find the mean, median and mode, probability etc. are the part of statistics. Statistics involves the summarizing the numerical data with the help of statistical tools. It helps to enhance the current position of the company in the market. The statistics are very helpful in the business firms as it helps them to know the demand of the products, set the estimated cost and much more. It helps the owner of the company to decide the number of workers and their salary. Statistics also helps the manager to compare alternative scenario and choose the best option. Here are many software in the market that are necessary for the business to know about the number orders made by the customers on average daily. For the statistics, a person has to perform many tasks like survey, questionnaire, feedback forms etc. to know about the reviews of the public on the particular product. It also helps the business to determine the sales level and decide that the least –performing product needs extra investment. Statistics in academic career plays a very important role as it helps the pupil to become aware of the current status in the society. I also play a major role in our day to day life. Students find it difficult to deal with the numerical numbers as a result; they find it the very daunting task to complete the statistics homework. Lack of proper guidance from the teachers and the professors demotivated the pupil from attempting the homework. Due to the unclear concepts and terms, pupil fails in statistics exams. It is often a time-consuming task to arrange the method of data collection. Moreover, it is a practical subject so statistics is not suitable to evaluate pupil’s opinions and thoughts. The pupil cannot understand the subject issue in great depth with the statistics. Lack of motivation is also the major challenge.
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