Essay About Science Technology And Innovation

I had the ability to speak to friends at a college lately about advancement. Apple, the penultimate innovator (tic) can be an engineering firm but does not innovate around technology - more around user experience, linkages and partners and material. Up to my executive friends may ache to say it, there's a lot of creativity occurring that's nothing or little regarding engineering.

Engineering innovation can be a subset of innovation generally, and all innovation is not engineering innovation, while all technology innovation is innovation. There are certainly a quantity of firms that innovate around engineering and technology, so I do not desire to minimize the importance of technology in innovation.

Apple, the penultimate head (tic) is really an engineering agency but does not innovate around engineering - more around user-experience, linkages and relationships and content. As much as my executive buddies may pain to state this, there exists a lot of creativity occurring that has nothing or little to do with engineering.